This Saturday I’ll be playing my favorite party in Vancouver, Body Language. Honored to get to play some music with all the Homebreakin dude’s for number 10. Not one to miss!


This Friday i’ll be back at the Electric Owl alongside WMNSTUDIES, Marx & Swim. Let’s get groovy. FB Event HERE.


Here’s another one I’m late posting on. Last weekend I had the pleasure of making my Intimate debut along side good friends Howl Sound at The Electric Owl. The night was awesome as the Owl had just got a serious upgrade to their system, new CDJ 2000’s and a new projector. We ended up getting a really solid turn out of party people who weren’t afraid to hit the dance floor right away and carried us through right till 3am. Thanks to all who made it a great night.


It’s been a busy summer for me this year and my blog hasn’t scene much action, so I compiled some images of what I’ve been up to.

Took a trip to Toronto back in July and played a gig at Detour Bar in Kensington Market. It was great to play in TO for the first time, especially because I got to reunite with Elicser and Jalani, two friends I met while in South Africa last year. It was super good to catch up with them and I was even fortunate enough to have Jalani snap a really great portrait of me while we chilled on Elicsers’ rooftop at Queen & John.



Next up was Bass Coast, which I attended with a incredible group of people known as the Joy Scouts. This was my 3rd year attending Bass Coast and it was a big reminder just how many amazing people i’ve met in the community as a result of attending this festival. This year the Joy Scouts, led by Woodhead & K-Tel, we’re appointed one of the 2 sound camps. During the day on Saturday and Sunday we set up decks and a system 15 feet from the rivers’ edge and had a great beach party vibe. I got to play on Sunday afternoon with my buds in 314 while everyone re-energized in the river. Needless to say, the entire weekend was incredible and the Bass Coast girls out did themselves once again.



Not to be content with only one beach party for the summer, Farshad Abasi(of Intimate Productions) and I threw together an impromptu little gathering at the far end of Spanish Banks here in Vancouver on the last weekend of August. Despite the short notice we we’re able to assemble a stacked roster of local selectors, including Woodhead, Howl Sound, Angl0, Bokeh, That African, Glyn and Mateo in addition to Abasi and myself, to play some day time house and disco jams. It was a relatively chill affair, but lots a good group of heads turned up and it was a relaxing way to wind down one of the last nice weekends of the summer.


I definitely feel lucky for the summer I’ve had. In addition to these gigs, I’ve had the chance to take some personal trips to explore some of the gulf islands and take a break from the city.

Finally, here’s a few photos of the studio. Over the summer I’ve taken a break from production, but the one thing I’ve been doing in the studio is renovating the space. My studio mate Chubbs and I have worked hard over the summer painting, carpeting, getting track lighting installed, hanging art and picking up new gear to dial in the space. Despite the incredible summer I’ve had, I will say I’m kind of looking forward to the rainy season so I can get back into the studio and start working on some new tracks. Stay tuned :)




A summer mixtape for my residency at SNAG, a live painting raffle happening every Wednesday at The Cobalt in Vancouver. 4 artists paint live, we sell raffle tickets, you can walk away with a new piece of original artwork for as little as 5 bucks. Art for this mix created by SNAG curator Andrew Young. Check out the FB event page for this week’s artists.

Tracklist available on my FB page


The good folk over at Vancouver Cycle Chic decided to feature me in one of 4 short films they recently produced. Check out 2 minutes of me playing with my phone, touching my hair and ice grilling the camera… Seriously though, these guys did a great job and I’m stoked they asked me to be a part of it. There’s an accompanying article over on Hush Magazine HERE.


I’ll be back at Fortune for the official Foals after party following their show at the Commodore on Thursday, May 30th. Check all the details on the FB event page.



Forgot to get this up before hand, but had a good time playing at The Electric Owl alongside buds Phil David and Savemeboots of WMNSTUDIES to help raise some money for Brian who’s riding across Canada for the Hearth & Stroke Foundation.

Speaking of WMNSTUDIES, they just put together a mix for and included my track Don’t Come Back amongst other local talent. The mix is full of sub tropic vibes just in time for summer.


BIKES South Africa Tour from BIKESmusic on Vimeo.

A year ago I traveled to South Africa with my partner in crime Scott Sueme to participate in the A Word Of Art residency program thanks to an invite from my good friend Indigo. While in Cape Town I had the opportunity to play 3 awesome gigs, but I also got to venture into the desert to experience/play at Afrika Burn, SA’s version of Burning Man.

I think the depth of this experience, plus a bit of laziness on my part, had led me to sit on this footage for a long time. But now, as many of the friends I met last year prepare to voyage into the desert for Afrika Burn 2013, I can’t think of a more fitting time to share these memories.

I’m truly grateful to have had this opportunity and sincerely thank all those who played a part in making it happen.


Catch Woodhead at midnight tonight playing a local producer showcase on Art of Beatz 100.5 fm. Via Woodhead:

"Woodhead vs Brenda Holmes on Art Of beatz tonight at 12am 100.7 fm. We have an all local producer set planned. New tunes from U-tee, Bikes, Trevor Spiltmilk, Neighbour, Laberge, 8prn, Like Mind, Dj Soup, Max Ulis, Self Evident, Taal Mala, Subcorr, Hxdb, Ryan Wells, Combine. Oh SHHHH this is going to be fun. Playing our new CLYPHS material tonight too"

Listen HERE

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